New Jersey Governor Chris Christie freezes spending in New Jersey and you’d think the world had ended. Democrats in the New Jersey Assembly criticized Governor Christie for taking such hard stance. However New Jersey is facing a $2.2 billion dollar budget shortfall and tough stances are needed. Perhaps other states or heaven forbid the federal government would follow Chris Christie’s lead.

Within the New Jersey spending freeze, Christie even had the audacity to cut money to school districts which enjoy surpluses. One whiney democrat said that the districts would be forced to raise property taxes to make up for the shortfall in state aid. I suppose the terms “budget crisis” and “financial emergency” don’t resonate if you have a D beside your name, no matter where you’re from.

Another cut came at the expense of New Jersey transit; Governor Christie cut subsidies saying that the system needs to be fiscally efficient. Democrats played the environment card on that one saying that Christie’s decision would hurt the environment and the economy because people needed the transit system to get to work.

Anybody else see a pattern here? The Democrats complete argument is that every system, whether it be public transit, schools, or healthcare is completely dependent on government to operate. Governor Christie is living up to a campaign promise to fix New Jersey’s budget problem. Most with common sense would agree, the first step in fixing a budget shortfall is to stop spending. No matter what the argument against doing so is.

Christie said that he doesn’t think schools will cut jobs or programs right now, but he also promised that the spending cuts would likely continue in next year’s budget. One thing that really rubbed the democrats the wrong way was the way in which Chris Christie initiated the spending freeze in New Jersey. He did it by executive order; not wasting time with a bunch of democrats who wouldn’t have went along with a spending freeze regardless.

When Chris Christie beat Jon Corzine in January’s election, he ran on a platform promising “fiscal reform.” I’d say that a complete and total spending freeze New Jersey style is the first step in the right direction to accomplish just that. If only other conservative Governor’s and lawmakers would take such measures. When will the Democratic Party understand that spending money isn’t the answer to every problem and more often than not causes more?