I still can’t bear to watch the movie. I guess I should since he is so much smarted than the rest of America. He did invent the internet – no? And other random thoughts of the day.

Warning! Most of this post will concern matters not related to politics. Please stop reading if this will prove bothersome to you or make you start acting like Howard Dean in Iowa. Most of you probably get indigestion when you read blogs on politics anyway.

I was at a friend’s 40th birthday party last night. It was a surprise party held in the gorgeous basement of a fine Italian restaurant. His wife hired a “wine guy” to announce the wine that was being served with each course of the 7 seven course meal. All the best food, wine, whiskey and cigars (in the smoke room of course) were available for one’s palate to enjoy. Why is this interesting you ask? Well, also included in the middle of the room was an Octagon. Yes, like the ultimate fighting type of Octagon. She hired a guy to bring in the Octagon and those blow up sumo wrestler suits. We fought all night. Well, not me. My strategy was simple. I let everyone tire themselves out then towards the end of the night I finally “gave in” and took my turn. Today, I am not sore while I have heard from 2 of the other participants who can barely move today.

I decided to go food shopping today. Not because I am some “modern” guy and feel as though I should food shop at least as much as my wife. No, every few months or so I decide that I need a breake poo from the concentration camp diet that my wife has forced upon me. I find a few calories every once in while helpful to, you know, breathe. She will come home having spent $200 on “food”. This sounds great until you audit the purchases. Of the $200, maybe $40 of food can really be eaten and of that only about $15 will be items that I actually would like to eat.

So I food shop, as I tell my wife, in a quest to purchase eatables. I know that is not a word but it best describes my goal. Of course, my wife will get back at me by including one item that is impossible to find. I won’t even bring this up to her, because we all know that all I will get in return is the usual denials. Furthermore, I will incur her wrath for a period of time that is known only to females. I think there is a secret schedule for husbands with a timetable for how long we will be in the “doghouse” for doing something as insane as telling the truth.

Thank God my wife thinks this blogging stuff is silly. Come to think of it, anyone who reads my stuff is bound to agree with her.

So it was Brownback last week and Thompson this week. At this rate, Rick Santorum’s name will be floated in about 2 weeks.

Has anyone noticed all of the hit pieces against Obama lately? He needs to learn how to fight back. That is rule #1 for the machine known as The Clintons. He might prove to be such a lightweight that Hilliary won’t offer him the Veep.

Just because:

Whatever happened to Gator gum?