I agree with Moveon.org on at least one topic. They, and similiar groups, have bought and do own the Democratic party. The issue surrounding the dems debate in Nevada is just the most recent example.

The Nevada Democratic party pulls out of the debate because Fox News leans to the right. OK – why should the GOP debate on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN or MSNBC given that those organizations definitely lean left? Are we coming to the point where the political parties will negotiate the networks that are allowed to carry debates? For the greater good of society, are we now in serious danger of limiting the messages that our citizens receive to only those that they wish to hear?

Does Fox News lean to the right? Absolutely, just like the others lean to the left. At least Fox makes the attempt to present the liberal point of view. Geraldo, Colmes, Juan Williams and Greta (although she keeps her politics to herself) are just a few examples of Fox’s attempt to present the other side of our great debate. Do the other media outlets do the same? No and when they try to do something, it usually ends very quickly. Look at the CBS Evening New’s pathetic attempt at providing another point of view during their “Free Speech” segments.

Having said all of that, I will go on record as stating that I am not a fan of Fox News or the other major media outlets. Having spent countless hours on my couch viewing all the major media outlets, I find them to be boring and predictable. However, in the end, for a political party (or elements within a party) to attempt to control the actual way that a debate is distributed to the public sets a dangerous precedent.

Once the process of eliminating media outlets from the political process begins, where does it end?