Whether it was done for religious reasons or because it’s part of the culture, this story about a Turkish girl buried alive is simply horrifying. 16 year old Medine Memi was buried alive and her father and grandfather have been arrested in connection with the so called “honor killing.” An autopsy revealed large amounts of dirt in her lungs and stomach which indicate without a shadow of a doubt the teenager was put in the ground before she was dead.

Turkish honor killings apparently are quite frequent and Medine Memi’s death appears to be just another in the long line of culturally acceptable murders. The teen’s hands had been tied behind her back, with no apparent signs of bruising and no indication that she had been drugged. She was simply placed in a hole in the ground behind her family’s house and buried. For a picture of the horrific hole go here.

This story of a Turkish girl buried alive in an honor killing immediately conjures up images of Islamic sharia law in which such killings are legal. The area in which Medine Memi was gruesomely killed is a heavily religious area. It is home to the Naksibendi Islamic sect.

Media outlets are trying to portray this as some sort of cultural killing other than a killing that would have taken place as part of sharia law. My contention is this; would the “culture” allow such terrible things to occur if it were not allowed under the religious laws of the land? It’s almost like the age old argument of the chicken and the egg; which came first?

Under these laws, if a girl dishonors the family in some way, it falls upon the male members of the family to restore that honor. The community as a whole decides when, where, and how the girl will be put to death. Can you imagine a group of “elders” sitting around discussing the details of Medine Memi, the Turkish girl buried alive?

The truly sickening thing about her case is the fact that to dishonor her family she only had to speak to a boy or some such thing. The transgression didn’t have to be something truly disgraceful. This Turkish girl buried alive died from ignorance. Ignorance on the part of her family and her culture; there is no excuse for such madness to occur. Religion or culture. It is reported that half of all murders in Turkey are honor killings.