The Indiana Senate race has had a bit of a shakeup in recent days with the prospect of former GOP Senator Dan Coats entering the primary race. In addition to this, Evan Bayh has decided to not run for re-election.

Scott Rasmussen has just released a series of polls matching John Hostettler, Dan Coats and Marlin Stutzman again two possible democrats. The results are summarized below.

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Senator Evan Bayh is still one of the more popular democrats in Congress right now and had a pretty good shot at retaining his Senate seat for the Dems. In current Indiana Senate polls Bayh held a lead over each GOP challenger. Evan Bayh has held the seat since 1998 when his potential GOP challenge Dan Coats retired. Now it appears that Coats will be getting back into the IN Senate race because of what he calls “fear for the country.”

At one time Rep. Mike Pence appeared to be the strongest challenger in the republican primary; he recently announced that he would not seek the seat held by Bayh. Interestingly enough, Pence is headed to New Hampshire next month spurring rumors that he may run for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012. With Pence dropping out, the field has been reduced to four possible candidates.

In IN Senate polls late last month, Marlin Stutzman and John Hostettler had both gained ground on Bayh. But most pundits believe that Dan Coats still held the best chance of unseating Evan Bayh who for a while was speculated as being Barack Obama’s pick as VP. Now, with Bayh not seeking re-election, it appears as if all of the candidates are cruising to victory.

John Hostettler was a member of the House of Representatives until 2006 when the Democrats swept into power. He held his seat for 12 years. Hostettler was one of only 6 republicans to vote against the Iraq War resolution and as Politico reported he has been a long time critic of our military presence overseas.

With Evan Bayh out of the race, this Senate seat should return to the republicans.

Indiana Senate Polls
Date Company Dan Coats (R) Ellsworth (D)
10/25/2010 Survey USA 54% 32%

10/21/2010 Rasmussen 52% 34%

10/21/2010 Wish TV 53% 35%

10/1/2010 Wish TV 51% 33%

9/15/2010 Rasmussen 50% 34%

8/7/2010 Rasmussen 50% 29%

7/8/2010 Rasmussen 51% 30%

6/4/2010 Rasmussen 47% 33%

5/7/2010 Rasmussen 51% 36%

4/29/2010 Survey USA 47% 31%

4/19/2010 Rasmussen 54% 33%

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