There is a terrible amount of debate as to which cable news network really represents the whole of America, and which networks are merely regurgitating, and not reporting, the news to America without a slant of any kind. Who reigns #1? Who does America really go to for their cable network news? Here’s an article for the doubters as to the power of truth, fairness, and balance in broadcasting. Can we all now just stop debating an emotional issue when the cold, hard, facts are right here? This matter is closed.

FNC grew in double digits in both total viewers and the A25-54 demographic from January 2009. In prime time, it was up 22% in total viewers and 51% in the demo. CNN was down 34% and 37% and MSNBC down 26% and 38%. In total day, FNC was up 16% and 28%. CNN was down 34% and 41% and MSNBC down 28% and 39%. Last January all networks performed while with the Inauguration coverage. This month, the big political event was Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts, which FNC dominated in the ratings.

Now, taking a look at FNC’s prime time personality, Mr. Bill O’Reilly, it has been reported that his show, The O’Reilly Factor, has held the #1 spot for cable news in his time slot since March of 2000. #1. Since March of 2000. In January 2010, Brett Baier and Brit Hume and their segment called Special Report and the segment called Fox Report have also both hit the #1 for 100 consecutive months mark.

Add to this potent mix of journalistic integrity, a Mr. Glenn Beck, with his 5 pm self-titled show, and FOX News achieves a powerful balance of stories that make you think, and stories that make you want to become more involved. Mr. Glenn Beck is not a journalist, nor has he ever claimed to be. He is merely a commentator. Yet his presence on FOX, speaking plainly to the American people about the dangers of Big Government, has helped to draw in a new crowd of Americans who are simply concerned for their Nation. Mr. Beck is an added bonus to FOX, and he cannot be discounted.

Sarah Palin has also taken a position on FOX News as a contributor, drawing the ire and fire from liberal critics who continue to hound her even to this day. Sarah Palin brings a smart, common-sense, and easy-to-understand viewpoint to FOX News that will definitely help to broaden their base. I have not mentioned any of the other cable news channels, because let’s face it: why would I waste my time? They see these ratings and can see the writing on the wall. Enough said.

FOX News has been accused of being a strictly anti-Obama network. If this is the case, then why are so many Americans watching it? And does this mean that the majority of Americans are then “anti-Obama”? If TEA Partiers watch FOX, does that make FOX the network of racist rednecks?

Maybe so, maybe so. But let’s look at those ratings again, shall we? The proof is in the pudding. No one likes a sore loser.

FOX News…fair and balanced and America’s choice.