The Delaware Senate race is a shocker. Republican Mike Castle appeared to have a stranglehold on the seat once held by Vice-President Joe Biden until Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell shocked the world on primary night.

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Joe Biden, never at a loss for words declared that Chris Coons would “surprise the devil” out of everybody implying that Coons would beat Castle in the general election. That’s pretty much code language for the fact that Coons really doesn’t have a chance against Mike Castle and when Beau Biden quit the Delaware Senate race democrat hopes for keeping Delaware in 2010 went with him.

As I wrote before, Beau Biden appears to have taken the warning shot fired across the bow by Massachusetts voters as a sign that it wouldn’t be a particularly good year for Democrats in 2010. Delaware Senate polls show Mike Castle with a commanding lead over Chris Coons, with Coons not likely to make up that much ground.

The D.N.C.C. is trying to portray this as a race between a Washington insider and a Washington outsider in Mr. Coons. Coons served on the New Castle County Council as that body’s president. Chris Coons has all the makings of a sacrificial lamb to me.

Mike Castle is regarded as a moderate Republican currently serving in the House of Representatives and was also elected as Delaware’s Governor twice. One huge factor in the DL Senate race is the fact that this is Joe Biden’s former seat which could flip red, just as Barack Obama’s former seat is apt to do.

Senate Polls, Delaware, General Election Match-ups

Polling Date Polling Company Mike Castle (R) Chris Coons (D) Christine O’Donnell (R)
10/27/2010 Monmouth - 51% 41%

10/29/2010 Farleigh Dickinson - 57% 36%

10/14/2010 Rasmussen - 51% 40%

10/12/2010 Survey USA - 54% 33%

10/12/2010 CNN - 57% 38%

10/11/2010 Monmouth University - 57% 38%

10/10/2010 Magellan - 54% 36%

10/9/2010 Fox News - 54% 38%

10/3/2010 Farleigh Dickinson - 53% 36%

9/21/2010 CNN - 55% 39%

9/18/2010 Fox News - 54% 39%

9/15/2010 Rasmussen - 53% 42%

9/12/2010 PPP -50% 34%

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