Nancy Pelosi violated the copyright policy of C-SPAN by uploading copyright materials (videos) to YouTube. Kevin Alward has the story at the Wizbang blog, and it is quite a remarkable story.

As a result of dogging by Wizbang, C-SPAN just loosened up their enforcement policies to allow what was previously enforced vigorously. The entire blogosphere will benefit, and of course, Nancy Pelosi can upload all the self-promoting videos she wants of her silly floor speeches without getting into trouble.

It turns out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did violate C-SPAN’s copyright by using its televised footage on her blog promoting Democrats.

Officials for the cable TV network that provides daily gavel-to-gavel coverage of House and Senate proceedings at first said the blog was in violation, then announced it wasn’t when C-SPAN footage of last month’s Iraq debate in the House was posted on it.

On Wednesday, they said her blog had violated C-SPAN’s copyright, but in a different instance. They added that C-SPAN is changing its policy so that won’t be a violation in the future.

The new copyright policy will allow non-commercial Internet users to share and post C-SPAN video as long as they attribute it to the public service channel.

“Given our background and our history, an open approach is the most consistent with our mission,” said Rob Kennedy, C-SPAN’s president. “We are now saying under the new policy that that will be OK for her or any blogger or citizen journalist” to post C-SPAN video online.


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