Liberal blogger Josh Wolf has spent 6-months in jail for refusing to turn over a home movie of a violent demonstration by a ragtag group of anti-American leftists in San Francisco. The video was shot during a protest of the Group of 8 summit meeting. Read the story in the Washington Post.

Wolf describes himself as an artist, an activist, an anarchist and an archivist. He fancies himself above the law, which makes perfect sense for an anarchist. But since we don’t live in the anarchistic civilization that fringe nuts like Josh Wolf want, he is learning what personal legal responsibility means for his crime.

Wolf clings to a preposterous idea that he is protected from revealing any information at all to legal authorities because, well, he is a journalist. But whether or not he is technically a journalist is irrelevant. Legal professionals agree that Josh Wolf has no grounds for withholding the tape. There is no claim of confidential sources. It is simply evidence of a crime.

Imagine yourself withholding photos of a murder, umm, just because. That’s Josh Wolf.