The U.S. Postal Service has drawn the ire of an atheist group for their upcoming Mother Teresa stamp. Freedom from Religion Foundation is urging their supporters to boycott the stamps. The group is also advising it’s supporters to engage in a letter writing campaign to tell the world about “the darker side” of Mother Teresa. Seriously, the darker side.

The Postal Service announced that a stamp honoring the humanitarian work (not the religion) of Mother Teresa will be released on her 100th birthday in August. The Freedom from Religion Foundation says that you can’t separate Mother Teresa from her religion no matter what kind of humanitarian work she did. She’s known as a Catholic and that’s that.

I must say to the geniuses at Freedom from Religion, do you really suppose Mother Teresa would have been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 if she had solely been recognized as a religious figure and not a great humanitarian? I don’t think so. Its true Mother Teresa was a Catholic, but she was a humanitarian first.

One theory being put forth by the atheist group is that the Catholic Church wants to make Mother Teresa a saint and obviously the Mother Teresa stamps are just a part of the cabal since the Catholic Church is such a powerful organization and has the U.S. Postal Service in the palm of its hand.

If you’re an atheist and you need a stamp, you can purchase instead the Katharine Hepburn stamp, she was an atheist. Clearly this is most ridiculous. Who really gives a rip what’s on your stamp? When I need to mail something I’m just glad to have one; especially if it has Elvis on it.

Just another juxtaposition to the Mother Teresa stamp controversy; the spokeswoman for The Freedom from Religion Foundation said that she also opposes Mother Teresa’s 1979 anti-abortion rant while picking up her Nobel Prize. Mother Teresa simply said that she believed that abortion was the greatest destroyer of peace in the world.