The last year have been rough one for the White House. Health care reform had turned into a quagmire of political pay-offs and partisan rancor. The economy is still adrift, unemployment getting worse. Then came the Christmas Day terror attack, which raised questions on how serious the administration was taking national security. The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts sent more warnings to Democrats, and Republicans, that the Independent voters were now aroused and unhappy with the Status Quo. In his State of the Union (SOTU) address, President Obama remains defiant and wants his agenda to be adopted and carried through. His argument seems to be very simple, he’s the president and he’s still in charge, whether you like it or not.

The question to be raised here is also very simple, is Barack Obama bored with being President? In the hottest book of the month, “Game Change”, we have an account of the conversation held between Obama and Harry Reid in 2007. Obama expressed how he was bored with being a U.S. Senator, to which Reid suggests that maybe he ought to run for president, instead. Now there’s an idea!

Some might offer that Obama has become frustrated as to his lack of success in his first year in office. After all, with his personal popularity and full control of Capitol Hill by the Democrats, he should have been able to pass any legislative agenda he wanted. The Republican opposition was damaged and weak, unable to prevent anything from being made into law. Few presidents have had such an opportunity to ram through anything they wanted. The first year is usually that golden moment when a skilled leader can accomplish everything. Lyndon Johnson was probably one of the best examples of this.

But with Obama, we do not have a skilled leader. We have no leadership at all. He passed a good deal of legislative authority to Nancy Pelosi and the Progressives. Obama depended too much on Harry Reid, the most bumbling Majority Leader in the Senate’s history, to get things done there. Between counting on the wacky and the demented, Obama had few loyal ‘trigger pullers’ to assist him.

Unable to govern effectively, and with his entire campaign agenda side-lined by forces beyond his control, Obama has little to show for his first year in office. With the politics of the mid-term elections, there seems to be slim hope for much being accomplished this year. A year ago, Obama and the Democrats were throwing money around, easily passing a $787 Billion dollar stimulus package, which actually is costing us nearly $900 Billion. During his SOTU speech, Obama’s could only muster a proposal for some $30 Billion dollars to help create more jobs. Quite a come down, isn’t it?

The era of sweeping change and boundless hope has come and gone, with no effect. So what is there left for him to do? One of my favorite lines from “The Wind and the Lion” is when Sean Connery, playing the Rihsuli, says, “It’s been a bad year…, and next year will probably be even worse.” If Obama cannot get much passed this year, especially before summer, he certainly will not get any of his pet projects accomplished in 2011 and 2012 should the Democrats take a beating in the November elections. Perhaps Obama has his eye on another job already? U.N. Secretary General? Why not? He already has a Noble Peace Prize for doing nothing! That should look good on his resume for the job.