This is not a good week to be Barack Obama.

On Friday, it was determined that the Office of Professional Responsibility, OPR, the ethics-watchdog arm of the US Justice Department, would be releasing a report that would clear the two Bush Administration lawyers who authored the “torture” memos, of professional misconduct charges. In common English: The Bush lawyers ain’t gonna have to face AG Eric Holder anytime soon for authorizing waterboarding on 911 suspects. All of Holder’s tough talk and self-righteous indignation was for show, apparently. The Bush Administration, long vilified and blamed for every ill this country has faced since the Revolutionary War, has actually been vindicated. Like I said, this is simply not a good week to be Barack Obama.

The two lawyers in question here are Jay Bybee and John Yoo. In 2002, the OPR has said that these two men authorized the use of “harsh tactics” in regards to interrogation techniques of our military and other government security agencies. They apparently did this by cleverly and sneakily crafting a memo that gave this right to said professionals.

However, upon further and deeper review of this memo, David Margolis, the man in charge of this review, decided to downgrade the charges of “professional misconduct” to simply, “poor judgment”. An anonymous source has said that Margolis has acted without the consent of Holder, so this story might still have life in it. Once Holder gets his bearings after having to deal with the issue of the 9/11 suspects in NYC, to the issue of his hap-handed dealings with the “Panties of Fire” Nigerian wanna-be terrorist, he should be able to rally himself to attack the Bush Administration somehow, and also to castigate that traitorous David Margolis.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama, flush with his MSM titled, “victory”, in the GOP Senate recently, will find this news on his desk come Monday. He would have received it tonight, but it’s Saturday, and Saturday is usually when he has people crash the White House for drinks and photo-ops.

I wonder if Mr. Obama will apologize for attacking Bush? I wonder.