Sharp eyed Afghan soldiers captured a senior Taliban commander trying to sneak past a checkpoint in the Panjwayi area of Kandahar province while NATO forces were annihilating his fellow Taliban militants in the alliance’s largest-ever offensive in Afghanistan.

According to NATO officials, Mullah Mahmood, militant Islamic madman who was helping the Taliban detonate suicide bombs, was caught Tuesday in Kandahar while trying to slip out of town wearing burqa as a disguise.

It seems as if Mullah Mahmood isn’t quite as committed to the Taliban’s cause as the folks he helps send to the Promised Land.

As if that weren’t enough good news from Afghanistan, NATO and Afghan soldiers hammered more Taliban militants in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan in an effort establish security in a lawless region that is a haven for Taliban militants and drug traffickers.

The multi-national coalition, led by the U.S. military, had information indicating that “a suspected terrorist with strong ties to Al Qaeda” and other militants were hiding out in the compound at the time of the raid. Oddly enough, not a single shot was fired in the raid.

Lastly, in another hotspot, this time in eastern city of Khost, U.S.-led coalition troops detained five men suspected of involvement in anti-government activities and “known terrorist groups.? Coalition forces also uncovered a cache of grenades and armor-piercing rounds during their search.