Illinois, the home State of all things Barack Obama, with its primary coming this Tuesday, could very well turn out to be Barack Obama’s second referendum to his administration. After the shocking reality check that is known as Scott Brown, (Republican-MA), Barack Obama is probably wondering if he has time to rush back to IL and stump for the nearest Democratic candidate, even if it’s a simple Town Selectman. However, given his success rate with stumping for his Democratic comrades, *ahem*, Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts– maybe he might want to have another Beer Summit instead, and leave the Illinois Democrats to lose on their own merit. In case you are keeping score, Barack Obama doesn’t exactly have the Golden Touch these days.

Up for grabs is the vacated Senate seat once held by our current President. Not that it actually saw too much of Mr. Obama during his time as an Illinois Senator, mind you. Roland Burris was put into this seat, and he has continued the rich tradition of Illinois Democratic incompetence. The man that the Democrats are pinning their hopes and dreams upon is State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias. In describing Alexi, it has been said that he is 33 years of age, hasn’t even served a full-term as Treasurer, and his only previous experience was working for a family bank which is now in financial trouble. Is there something in the water in Illinois that makes finances difficult for Democratic politicians?

The GOP is pushing for Mark Kirk to take the Senate seat. He is a Congressional five-termer, pro-abortion, pro-gun control Republican. What’s the point here? He may as well be a Democrat, for pete’s sake. Way to go GOP! The illness that is moderatism has infected the Illinois GOP folks. Great. But Conservatives can still remain hopeful and Independent TEA Party adherent might walk out of the fog of Illinois politics and change the whole situation. Here’s hoping.

Also up for grabs is the Governor’s position for Illinois. Democrat Pat Quinn is the current Governor, but with his association to Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced former Governor, it is looking a little dicey for Pat to win another term. Quinn also has worked with Barack Obama to get some of the Gitmo prisoners to Illinois, proposed a tax hike to clean up the State’s budget deficit, and has even released violent criminals from Illinois prisons, who have gone on to commit new crimes, in an effort to save money.

Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, Pat Brady, had this to say:

“Massachusetts was more of a referendum on Obama. In Illinois, it’s going to be a referendum on Democratic incompetence.”

Indeed, indeed, Mr. Brady. You sure can throw a great quote. But we know that you support Mark Kirk, and not Adam Andrzejewski, who is also running for Governor. And why is this? Inquiring minds want to know. Adam looks to be, in my opinion, a sincere man who seems to have a servant’s heart. His fiscal priorities make for good sense. The TEA Party should give Adam their support.

Thus far, the White House appears unconcerned about Illinois as a possible “Scott Brown Incident”. David Axelrod, White House puppeteer and mastermind, is unworried about any of this, as it will take place in November and that’s an eternity away.

Methinks that those are famous last words. There’s something brewing in Illinois these days, and it doesn’t smell like teen spirit. It smells like change. The people of Illinois have a great opportunity ahead of them. It can be a “Scott Brown Moment”, or a “Blago Revisited” nightmare. For my money, Illinois is one of the more crucial races coming up.

Here’s hoping.