Yes, my friends. It is time for another reminder that Rudy Giuliani is going to win the GOP nomination and sail into the White House. Here is a quote from David Wissing at The Hedgehog Report (the best political blog in the blogosphere, bar none) concerning Rudy’s position in three important swing states:

“The polls also included primary match ups for both parties, but to save space, all you need to know is Giuliani and Hillary lead all three states by double digits over McCain and Obama respectively. If you are really interested in the actual results, you can check out the Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania PollWatch pages. The thing to note is in all three states, Giuliani’s lead is increasing over McCain while Hillary’s lead is evaporating against Obama.

These polls were done February 25-March 4″.

It is just a matter of time now before the real money in the GOP flows exclusively into Rudy’s coffers. Romney has never gained traction, Brownback and Huckabee barely register as a blip on the radar and McCain is coming undone because he can not decide who he wants to be.

The future.