Then he remembered again and thought it pertinent to point out.

It’s interesting. He is post-racial, by all appearances. You know, I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.

An. Entire. Hour. That’s a really, really long time. Of course, before the forgetting-Obama-is-black hour began, Matthews couldn’t stop obsessing about it. And his obsession returned at the strike of the 60-minute mark, evident by this remark.

But for that hour, that sweet, golden, transformational hour during the State of the Union Address, Matthews became color blind.

Here’s where I don’t tell you the election of a black President was worth the last year of economic destruction, international mistakes, historic debt, government growth, or national disrespect.

No political correct idea is worth the job loss, income loss, stability loss, and debt increase that has plagued and will continue to plague all Americans, no matter your race. We can cheer the election of a black President. Fine. But it should have also been the right President, and he wasn’t.

If Matthews is so touched and moved by a black man making his way in the political arena. What about the black conservatives? When do they get a heartfelt admonition of respect? Hmm? Can’t they at least get a tingle up the leg? I don’t remember Matthews getting moved over Alan Keyes when he ran for President. Perhaps he couldn’t even find an hour where it could be forgotten.

Realizing, shockingly, that his statement on Obama’s skin color was quite off-color, Matthews sought to clarify, making a rambling and self-conscious backpedaling of his earlier words.

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As Ed Morrissey points out:

“Matthews has it exactly backwards. John Kennedy may not have had an African-American cabinet member, but his successor did, and we have had African-Americans in high federal office for at least five decades. His ‘at least in presidential politics’ qualifier is exceedingly strange after an address to Congress, which has a strong and influential Congressional Black Caucus.”

Matthews, what everyone’s trying to say is, “Move on, dude. You’re losing it.”

Here’s the video of his earlier clumsy statement that prompted his later clumsy statement: