“Good politics does not equal good government”. I honestly cannot remember where I first heard these words, who said them, or why they were said at all. Yet to this day, they are emblazoned upon my spirit and my heart. Looking at the current state of our Nation, I believe it’s time we all took these words and made them manifest. America doesn’t need politicians or the self-serving machinations of politics. We need people who have it in them to purposely seek the proper ways to govern, and who educate themselves on The US Constitution as the essential guide to said proper governance, and who remember, at the end of the day, that they serve us and do not own us.

The American political arena has two main players: The Republicans and the Democrats. Yes, there are a smattering of Independents, Libertarians, and such throughout, but it will always come down to The Big Two. For years and years, the GOP and the Democrats have treated America like some prize to lie, steal, fight, manipulate, and coerce to attain. America is now a trophy, a bragging right, and unfortunately, inconsequential to American politics. We are nothing more than the expendable casualties factored into this war between two political parties who have both become too accustomed to the Marshmallow Land of Elitism and Separation from the Common Citizen. It is no longer the best interests of America that matter. It is now all about the best interests of The Parties that matter.

As insignificant individual Americans, you are expected to learn to accept this. You are a statistic, a poll number, a demographic. The Big Two have deep, deep pockets, and neither of them is above burying dissenters or opposers.

As Americans, we are all feeling the consequences of this drawn-out political war, and it is high time Americans are no longer treated like cannon fodder. The voices of the American people matter. More so, the voices of common-sense, every day, patriotic, and uncorrupted Americans matter. Thus far, the only outlets that have been afforded the every day American seem to be grassroots movements, like the TEA Party. The mention of this name riles the Big Two. And rightly so. They may scoff and harumph under their breaths, but there seems to be a new player in town.

America is sorely in the strangle hold grip of these Big Two, and it all comes down to politics. Independent Conservatives and independent liberals are left to work it out on their own. If they cannot get on board with The Party Platform and swear allegiance to said Party, then they are merely nuisances, delusional, and should be ignored. Politics, mind you, is something the Founding Fathers did not have in mind when they fought for our freedom from British rule. It was about governance. Proper, true, and honorable governance, with boundaries and safeguards built in to prevent anyone from becoming another King George III. The Founding Fathers put forth the concepts and the sure-footed base for proper governance, our brilliant and powerful US Constitution, and passed it onto their sons and daughters, and so on. Fast forward to 2010, and if the Founding Fathers were alive today, do you think they would recognize American politics as a good thing, or would they be horrified?

American politics, being held to high esteem by those who are slaves to it, is simply nothing more than telling people what they want to hear to garner their favor, their votes, and their money. Governance, on the other side of this issue, is just that: governing. No politics, no glad-handing, no campaign promises or photo ops. It is about staying within the limits of true government and listening to the People. There will be times of dissent. There will be times of debate. These things only make America stronger.

The title of this article is, “Let Our People Go”, and it is called this because it is time for the Big Two to release their iron grip upon America and realize that not all of us care as much about their politics as they do. We have families to feed, jobs to work, bills to pay, and life to live as Free Citizens. Let us go. Let us be freed from your tiresome territorial games and your treating us like statistics. We are done with your petty tug-of-war.

Perhaps it is time for America to put forth a person who is not a politician, but someone who wants to serve. We’ve seen and even now are feeling the fruits of American politics. We see it, hear it, feel it, and are forced to endure it, daily. We deserve what we tolerate.

Let’s make 2010 the year we stop being political doormats, and show our intolerance towards politics. Let’s make 2010 the year we stand up and say, “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to suffer you fools any longer!” Let’s get people into Congress that are us, and not career politicians who have lost touch with reality. Let’s be Americans again, like our Founding Fathers. Let’s put forth some common-sense to govern us.