Progressives love to think they’re enlightened when it comes to sex. Their argument is that Americans are uptight, prudish. Look at Europe, they say…they’re so free over there! We need to be sexually liberated like they are. Well, far be it from me to tell adults what to do in the bedroom; but when it comes to children, that’s a whole different ball of wax. We all have a stake in sex education, and I’m not sure parents realize just how bad things have become.

When it comes to sex education, there are essentially two schools of thought: Teach kids age-appropriate information about sexuality and include the health repercussions of casual sex OR teach kids the basics — and then throw in a bunch of gratuitous information, even to little kids, about things children hadn’t even considered – like gender identity. Add to that a lesson in “safe sex” (there’s no such thing – in fact the newer term is “safer sex,” indicating what a misnomer the term is to begin with) and how to put a condom on a banana. Indeed, “comprehensive sex education” — that favorite tool of progressives — is such a fait accompli that few parents even question it. Unfortunately, many don’t realize what their kids are being taught. The term “comprehensive” sounds so reasonable, so forward-thinking, so realistic.

That’s what progressive terminology does: It uses seemingly benign phrases to advance an agenda of which most Americans would not approve.

One example of this approach comes from Dr. Laura Berman, a beloved guest on Oprah. In “The Sex Ed Handbook,” Dr. Berman writes this: “From the 9th thru 12th grades, be open to questions and concerns and answer them as nonjudgmentally as possible.” (Of course, always nonjudgmental…) Then, this: “Discuss and get [your children’s] opinions on current events like rainbow parties, parties in which every girl wears a different color lipstick and the guy with the most colors on his penis at the end of the night wins (oh, yes, let me get my child’s opinion on that as opposed to telling her that’s totally unacceptable behavior to engage in) and jelly bracelets, in which different colors represent various sexual acts the girl is willing to do — and use the media for teachable moments.” (Oh, yes, the media’s a great help.)

And, lastly, this: “You might want to have a candid talk with [your daughter] about exploring or learning about her body — or even offer her a simple clitoral vibrator. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a large toy or a toy that is actually inserted into the vagina.)

Phew. I was worried there for a minute.

Think Berman’s an anomaly? Think again. A popular website called SIECUS, designed to assist young people in their quest for comprehensive sexual information, includes a section on “sexual rights.” (You know those progressives: always watching out for everyone’s rights.) The section opens with this statement: “Every human being has basic rights. Still, adults may say and do things that make young people feel like they don’t have rights. It’s important for you to know your rights so that you can stand up for yourself when necessary.”

This is unconscionable. Not only are children being taught sexually explicit, inappropriate material, they’re encouraged to be rebellious — and parents are succumbing to the pressure! In the name of “freedom” and “individual rights,” progressives have rendered parents incapable of imparting values to their own children. Just yesterday on “Dr. Oz” a mother asked, “How do I talk to my daughter about sex because I don’t want to come across as preachy.”

Yes, you do. Preach! Preach! Tell your kids what you know to be true. Setting high standards for sexual behavior does not equate to being old-fashioned and prudish. There are facts kids need to know about their sexual health – namely, that casual sex is harmful not just physically but emotionally. This is the progressive’s sin of omission: It’s not just what they do say, it’s what they don’t say.

Indeed, comprehensive sex education “is anything but comprehensive,” says Dr. Miriam Grossman, former campus psychiatrist at UCLA and author of the book Unprotected and You’re Teaching My Child What? One in four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease today, according to the Center for Disease Control; but that’s not a statistic young people are told. Instead, says Miriam Grossman, progressives tell young people that “most people get STDs.” The message is clear: Go ahead, have multiple partners. It’s your right to do so, and no one can step in and tell you otherwise. Just make sure you use a condom.

Young people deserve the truth. “When sexual freedom reigns,” says Grossman, “sexual health suffers. The young people I know are neither stupid nor enslaved to their urges. They are capable and motivated, and many will respond to an ennobling message, reject the messages of our culture, and learn new behaviors,” writes Grossman.

Thank God for Miriam Grossman. Unfortunately, she’s one of a very few women who are willing to tell it like it is. I can assure you you won’t be seeing her on Oprah anytime soon.