A People magazine report claims that a recent rumor is in fact true. John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards separate after much speculation about the future of the couple’s marriage. It appears that two tell-all books are just too much for Elizabeth Edwards to take. First comes “Game Change” in which John and Elizabeth were cast, in shall we say, an unflattering light; and now comes longtime aide to Edwards Andrew Young’s book, “The Politician.”

It’s not like you can really blame Andrew Young, “The Politician” is the ultimate form of payback for John Edwards essentially throwing him to the wolves. Young had initially claimed that he was having an affair with Rielle Hunter and fathered her baby. I’m sure that made things just peachy at the Young household between Young and his wife.

The People report says that the John Edwards Elizabeth Edwards separation came shortly after Christmas. The couple spent the holiday with their three children before deciding to split up. The report also says that Elizabeth Edwards has divorce papers at the ready, she’ll only use them depending on her health. Elizabeth Edwards is still battling breast cancer.

Not only does Andrew Young’s “The Politician” spill the beans about John Edwards’ manipulation and narcissism, it apparently describes Young’s account of discovering an Edwards sex tape with Rielle Hunter. One can only hope that this is indeed a lie. I don’t think my mind’s eye could take it.

You can read some pretty unbelievable excerpts at the WSJ blog Washington Wire. Here’s one for instance, this describes the circumstances that took place between Young and John Edwards when he discovered Rielle Hunter was pregnant:

According to Young, Hunter called him in May 2007 to say she was pregnant. Young says that when he informed Edwards, the senator told him to “handle it,” to which he replied: “I can’t handle this one.” Young writes that Edward unloaded on Hunter as a “crazy sl*t,” said they had an “open relationship,” and put his paternity chances at “one in three.” Young says that Edwards asked him for help persuading Hunter to have an abortion. Young writes that Hunter believed the baby to be “some kind of golden child, the reincarnated spirit of a Buddhist monk who was going to help save the world.”

I must say, despite always feeling that John Edwards was a sleaze ball politician, this stuff that’s coming out about the Edwards is amazing. A John Edwards Elizabeth Edwards separation is not surprising in the least, especially now that his political career has been reduced to photo ops at tragic natural disasters. The Clintons couldn’t even give us stuff this juicy.