Charles Krauthammer really nailed it on the head. The anticipated “freeze on discretionary spending”, which President Obama will propose tonight during his State of the Union address, is a fraud! Appearing last night on both Fox News “Special Report With Bret Baire” and “The O’Reilly Factor”, Krauthammer pointed out that Obama had raised the spending level for the category of the discretionary budget last year an average of 20%. Some agencies got even more, such as the E.P.A., whose budget Obama increased 35% last year.

In a desperate ploy to appear populist, and placate the swelling voter rolls of angry citizens, Obama is attempting to appear as learning his lessons and moving from the Far Left to the Center of America’s political spectrum. But Krauthammer isn’t buying it, and neither should we. Even the CBO has scored the impact of the proposed 3-year spending freeze as only saving some $15 Billion dollars. If the freeze were to be enforced over a ten-year period, then the savings would mount to some $250 Billion dollars. Like that is ever going to happen!

The freeze does not encompass the largest portions of the Federal budget – entitlements, such as Social Security and Medicare. Nor will it effect security-related agencies, such as Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. Obviously a move to trick Republicans into supporting the freeze. What Obama is afraid of, as Krauthammer points out, is that come a potential avalanche of failing Democrat races in November, the Congress of 2011 may roll back Obama’s spending increases from last year to a more rational level.

All of this comes at the moment Congress is debating to raise the nation’s debt ceiling another $1.9 Trillion dollars, allowing Uncle Sugar to increase the National Debt from $12.4 Trillion to $14.3 Trillion dollars. Just before the Christmas break, Congress increased the debt ceiling $290 Billion dollars on December 24th. This, despite everyone knowing full well that the amount only would cover government expenses through February.

So, what we have here in the State of the Union address is just another gutless move by the Democrats to appear responsible when, in fact, they are playing a reckless game with the taxpayers. Just as the same with Obama’s proposal for a bipartisan commission to deal with the National Debt. Yesterday, the Senate rejected the proposal, knowing it’s true intention. To justify massive tax increases. Luckily for us, enough are scared after the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts and voted against the commission.