Abortion. Yeah, you heard it. Here is a word that can inflame Conservatives and liberals alike. It is a moral issue that has somehow become a political powder keg, and there is no middle ground here. Either you are for it or are against it. Tim Tebow, the incredibly talented and gifted quarterback for the University of Florida, is against abortion. And so begins this tale.

Tim Tebow has done a pro-Life commercial for Focus on the Family, a Christian group, and it is slated to air during the Super Bowl. CBS has, of course, been attacked by a coalition of “women’s groups” who demand that CBS not show this horribly offensive commercial. This saga is still unfolding as of this writing, so I will leave it at this.

Tim Tebow has acknowledged that he will come under scrutiny and take some flak for this commercial, but it’s to be expected. Good for him. So here we have Tim Tebow, simply doing a commercial for the Super Bowl and it has a pro-Life message. Enter Joy Behar from The View, a show on ABC that reminds me of a hen house with all that cackling going on. Joy Behar, a supporter of the pro-Death agenda and other such liberal hate, decided today that she would voice her opinion about Tim Tebow for all the world to hear. It went like this:

“The only argument against any of it is, that, you know, he could just as easily become some kind of a rapist pedophile. I mean, you don’t know what someone’s going to be. In this case, he turned out to be great, but it’s not an argument about abortion or not abortion [sic], it’s just, this particular case, this particular woman decided not to do it, and this is the wonderful result. There are others who decide to do it [commit abortion], and they’re glad that they did it. You know, I mean, it’s a very individual choice.”

Wow. Did you catch that? Behar is asserting that maybe Tim would have turned out to be a rapist pedophile. Nice. I believe that once Joy uttered such nonsense, even the higher-ups at Planned Parenthood and NOW (National Organization of Witches, I mean, Women) all smacked their foreheads in unison, saying as one, “Joy! What the hell did you just say? Quick, someone put a doughnut in that lady’s mouth!”

As a full-on pro-Lifer myself, I listened in awe as those words hit me. Such hate. Such vitriol. Is this the best the pro-Deathers can do? Is Joy Behar their best spokesperson? Granted, she is one of many, to be sure, but her words today, forever recorded in the archives of ABC and in the minds of Americans everywhere, have only made the pro-Death movement look even more ignorant.

Joy, I must say this to you and get it off my chest: I can point to Tim Tebow and show you what can happen when a woman chooses to not kill her baby. Can you show me such wonder and strength by pointing at what happens when a woman chooses to kill her baby?

I thought so.

Chew on this, Joy: In your mindset, the person who might one day cure AIDS or cancer would be dead before they could do such a fantastic thing. Margaret Sanger would be so proud.