He’s skinny. We should have seen this coming.

During Obama’s most impressionable months as President, I’m afraid American citizens have made him feel fat. All that spending gluttony. We brought this on. We made him self-conscious about his international appearance. We teased him about his emotional spending and about his ears.

It drove him to spend more. Spending brought him comfort. He didn’t hurt so much when he was spending. Obama would give Obama Money away. And women in Detroit would wait in lines to receive their Obama Money, straight from his private stash.

ACORN loved him, too. So did the unions. Everything was great when he was spending. There were never any worries, no concerns, he could play golf while Islamic terrorists ignited their underwear on a plane and it didn’t kill his spending buzz.

But the taunting got worse. Americans couldn’t stop complaining about being unemployed, about being in debt, about being owned by China. Why couldn’t we simply be happy for him? Why not content ourselves with the satisfaction our loss was his gain? Hmm?

But we couldn’t. We wanted to keep our piece of the pie. And when Obama proposed taking over one-sixth of our economy with ObamaCare, another $900 billion in spending, we revolted. We marched at Townhalls and held up unflattering Obama signs. We pointed at all his spending and laughed. A million or more of us held an intervention in September on the Capitol steps and demanded the spending end.

He tried to ignore it, to shake it off, to pretend it wasn’t his problem. Bush was the real spender. It was all Bush’s fault. But no one believed it anymore. It was the words of an addict.

When he tripled the deficit to a record $1.4 trillion for 2009, the truth came out:

Obama had a spending problem.

And to rub it in, we elected Scott Brown, a man of svelte economic policies and lean tax cuts.

That ended it all. No more spending high. So now, Obama is purging his past ways, he’s proposing a three-year freeze, set for 2011 through 2013, on non-security discretionary spending.
No Exceptions.
Well…except for the $900 billion for ObamaCare, the rest of the $787 billion economic stimulus, the jobs bill that could be $156 billion (the House version) or $80 billion (the Senate version) and, of course, other unmentionables that may pop up on the political landscape.

You can’t expect him to cut cold turkey.

Here’s Obama during his feverish addiction phase in the Presidential debates, his very being crying out to spend, and not wanting to freeze spending…four times. You naughty spending. Oh how he loves you, let him count the ways.