Barack Obama is, without question, a great orator. He is. True, I find myself usually screaming at the television when he is being broadcast, but I cannot take this away from him. However, as pointed out by Harry C. McPherson, speech writer for LBJ:

“The speech he made in Cairo — I remember the intelligence, the breadth and the reasonableness,” McPherson says. “But I can’t tell you, and this is one of the shortcomings of the kind of speech he makes — I can’t quote anything, or cite anything, off the top of my head.”

Say what? Sure, Barack Obama is a great speaker. But like anything that is all flash and no substance, his words carry no lasting impression. Maybe because Obama speaks down to us. Maybe because Obama speaks to his elitist intellectual equals and cannot find it in himself to “dumb down” his messages for us “common-folk”. Ted Sorenson, former JFK speech writer, says:

“He is still a very eloquent, articulate speaker,” Sorensen says. “He is clearly well informed on all matters of public policy, sometimes, frankly, a little too well informed. And as a result, some of the speeches are too complicated for typical citizens and very clear to university faculties and big newspaper editorial boards.”

Bingo! Our President is an intellectual snob. Not surprising, really. In the World According to Obama, intellectual and academic trophies are things to be espoused, coveted, and trumpeted. Out here in the really real world, common-sense reigns supreme. In Obama World, writing books is some kind of Rite of Passage, while out here in Reality, there are more pressing pursuits to attend to, like working and paying bills with your hard-earned money. The two concepts of Marshmallow Land Elitism and American Spirit simply do not go hand-in-hand.

When Obama gives his State of the Union address tomorrow evening, let us all endeavor to be captivated by his verbal skills and charm. We can at least take that away from his speech. I mean, since even highly educated elitists cannot remember Obama’s words, it’s not like any of us simpletons who “cling to guns and religion”, will fare any better.

Maybe MSNBC will post a transcript of Obama’s SOTU address. If so, I hope they type it in slowly, cuz, gosh darnit, I jus’ can’t read all that fast now, ya hear? Now fetch me mah Bible and mah gun. Ahm a goin’ shootin’ at the Devil!