Tomorrow, President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address. Word has been steadily leaking as to what he will propose for this coming year. The address to the joint session of Congress was already pushed back one week in hopes of having the health care bill passed. If anything, the bill has passed on to life’s other side. Many experts say the political climate today will force him to pivot towards the center. But, if the past year is any indicator, expect Obama to divot, instead.

Here are a few of the goodies Obama will mention: He will focus on job creation. He will focus on the economy and the Middle Class. He will now become a budget hawk and propose a freeze on non-security, discretionary spending. Obama will try to resurrect ‘health care lite’ to save face. There has been little mention of any new foreign policy initiatives, though I’m sure he’ll run something up the flag pole. Obama will, undoubtedly, make some appeal for more bipartisanship in Congress. And, naturally, he’ll probably make at least one referral to the 8 years of Bush and how bad they were.

Will any of what he says tomorrow matter? Probably not! Let’s face it, the guy came into office with very high approval numbers and with big, Democrat majorities in the Senate and House. They could have passed anything he wanted in his first year easily, without any Republican support. Efforts to peel off one or two GOP votes in Congress were merely for show to claim bipartisan support. Like we do not see through this scam?

Obama’s first year in office has been an absolute failure. Aside from the stimulus bill, which was really just a massive serving of pork and did little to “save or create jobs”, nothing of substance has been accomplished. Even doing something as simple as closing the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay, which he promised to do in his 1st year, is nowhere near accomplished.

Yesterday, President Obama spoke with Diane Sawyer in an interview and said, “…I would rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.” Uh-huh! Another slap at Bush? You betcha! But, of course, Obama neglected to mention that third alternative, being remembered as a mediocre one-term president. Which he is well on his way to becoming.

At stake right now is his credibility. It did not take long for the American people to become repulsed by his administration’s agenda. Whatever promises he made during the election evaporated quickly when he took office. The Media, a year ago, talked so highly of how organized he and his staff were. How they intended to not make the same mistakes as Clinton did in 1993. Team Obama would hit the ground running.

Instead, they fumbled. Appointments riddled with tax cheats and lobbyists. Allowing Congress and surrogates to shape policy and legislation. For quite a while, most of the year in fact, I could not see what, if any, real work he was actually doing? All we saw of him was making speeches. A lot of speeches! More than any other president. The guy sure liked to talk. It got to the point that his heavily scripted style became so obvious that jokes about Obama’s dependency on tele-prompters were all the rage.

Seriously, I cannot think of one good reason why anyone should even bother to watch his address tomorrow? He’s not going to say anything new or even believable. I suppose we could hope and see if more members of Congress call him a liar. Or maybe a drinking game based on his use of key words like “unprecedented” or phrases like “the past 8 years”? Better stock up on the booze for Obama’s State of the Union address!