Being a Conservative, and a man of European descent, it has become painfully obvious to me that I am not really allowed to speak openly about racial issues in America because I am apparently so biased and close-minded. In case you didn’t get The Memo, all Conservatives, especially those hateful TEA Party people, are racists.

It came to my attention that The US Census, a real Constitutional requirement, has come under some fire for its use of the word, “Negro“, as one of the options for race/ancestry.

Use of the word Negro to describe a black person has largely fallen out of polite conversation — except on the U.S. Census questionnaire. There, under “What is this person’s race?” is an option that reads, “Black, African Am., or Negro.” That has raised the ire of certain black activists and politicians as the Census Bureau gears up to mail out its once-a-decade questionnaires. The controversy has been cast by many as an instance of a tone-deaf agency not keeping up with the times.

(Hey, Harry Reid is not tone-deaf. He’s just an old-school Democrat.)

Perhaps since I am a white guy living in New England, in a small town populated by pretty much all white people, I would be considered by some to not be “qualified” to talk about race and political-correctness as it pertains to race. Perhaps not. But what I am is an American who still remembers 911 and watching Americans, of many “colors”, die horribly. I’m also an American who has served alongside other “colors” and it never was an issue. When you are in situations of distress or sober resolve, like combat, it just doesn’t matter what “color” people are. Being politically-correct and such is a luxury afforded only to those who are idle and have nothing profitable to bring to our Nation.

When can we really all just get over the, (whispers), race issue, and be Americans? I guarantee any organization that is preparing to attack the US Census Bureau is liberal. Conservatives just don’t have the time to fuss about this kind of silliness. We’re too busy trying to save our Nation. Yes, our Nation. The Nation that men and women of many colors have fought and died for. I long for the day when all of its citizens will be truly color-blind.