Well we’re not even halfway through the month of March, but the anti-Christian crowd has already started their annual assault on the Easter bunny.

What bothers me most about the intolerance toward Christianity being shown from the advocates of absolute and unconditional tolerance by Christians, is the fact that those of us that worship God from the Christian perspective are not privy to the same kind of special consideration and understanding that all of the other religions demand from us. To this very day I have not heard a convincing, or even reasonable argument as to why that is either. Maybe someone can clear this up for me.

I am also a bit suspect of the mental well being of a group of grown individuals that are so weak in the mind as to be offended by fictional characters that really serve no other purpose other than put a smile on the faces of children. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think anyone has ever thought that Peter Rabbit was resurrected, nor really considered him relevant to our faith.

I also find it comical (in a sickening kind of way) that these same groups that carry on with this almost psychotic obsession to protect the public at large from the likes jolly old St. Nick and the Easter Bunny will also travel to the end of the earth in order to find a judge to grant a court order for a group like the Queer Nation to stage a gay pride rally on the courthouse steps, or fight for the right of a group like NAMBLA to be allowed to promote their twisted agenda.

What I fear most about all of this is that one day, in the all too near future, we might just referring to the troubling times as the good old days.