Barack Obama has either actually heard America, or he has simply gone the way of “business as usual” and is shedding some skin to go along with the cool chameleons. Today it was announced that he will “ask Congress to freeze spending for some domestic programs for three years beginning in 2011″, according to article from AP. Additionally, he will also reveal his plans to, “help a middle class “under assault” pay its bills, save for retirement and care for kids and aging parents.” Are these the machinations of a man who has seen the writing on the wall, or is this a genuine attempt to change his previous ways? Inquiring minds want to know.

The article also states,

“The White House is under considerable pressure to cut deficits — the red ink hit a record $1.4 trillion this year — or at least keep them from growing. Encouraged by last week’s Massachusetts Senate victory, Republicans are hitting hard on the issue, and polls show voters increasingly concerned.”

Absolutely we are concerned. You’re spending my grandkid’s money, and they aren’t even here yet. Barack Obama is also preparing for his State of the Union address.

The president’s latest rollout of ideas served as a preview of his prime-time State of the Union address. The economic elements of that speech will also cover Obama’s plans to boost job creation and reduce swelling budget deficits — areas of concern to the public.

Obama’s address will outline his second-year agenda across a spectrum of issues, including tighter rules on Wall Street behavior and a push for financial discipline in Washington. He also is expected to touch on the controversial issue of gays in the military.

Apparently while discussing the fiscal problems we face in America that he has more than stoked, gays in the military is a logical talking point as well.

Less clear was how much the programs would cost or where the money would come from.

Officials deferred comment until the release of the budget.

Again, I suppose this inquiring mind will have to wait a bit longer. Not that this is a problem, you see. I waited, no, we all waited how long exactly before Barack Obama gave us his plan for Afghanistan? Mr Obama, please just be honest and forthright with us for once: You don’t really have a Plan to save Middle America, do you?