Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden’s Senate aspirations have appeared to go the way of democratic aspirations of holding onto Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Excuse me, the people’s seat. Biden says that it’s important that he continue on as Attorney General in Delaware due to a child molestation case that is currently being mounted against some scumbag doctor who allegedly molested 100 kids.

Beau Biden told the Associated Press:

“The reality is, it became increasingly clear over the last several weeks that it was impossible to mount a Senate campaign in the face of dealing with both the prosecution in Lewes as well as the things I need to do, our office needs to do, for victims,”

The old too many victims too little time argument. I hate to be a cynic here but it’s what you’ve come to expect isn’t it? Beau Biden’s Senate bid went down in flames the night Martha Coakley’s Senate bid went down in flames. Does anyone really believe that Beau Biden is so focused on nailing some scumbag pedophile that he wouldn’t want the job of his dreams?

Let’s be honest; Beau Biden knows, even with his dad making scant appearances that he is now and forever tied to Barack Obama. One year ago, a good thing, now, not so much; just like Massachusetts, Delaware was a given to go into the democrats column. One year ago Beau Biden would have waltzed into the U.S. Senate with hardly an effort.

Things are not so certain for democrats anymore. Even in the bluest of blue states they need to think twice. Beau Biden’s Senate aspirations would have been just like any other state politician’s. It was a natural progression, from one semi-high profile job to another that was very high profile. And now he wants to give it up…..for the children? Sorry, that just doesn’t wash.

Democrats are going to get crushed this year; in every office and in every state. Blue or red. Beau Biden may be back, but even he is smart enough to see that running for Senate with the last name of Biden just isn’t a smart thing to do. Beau Biden’s Senate campaign would have been saddled with an albatross around its neck just like every other democrat running in 2010. The albatross? One word. Obama. I wonder if Biden would like to rethink his statement below?