Mr. Obama, please allow me to thank you, and your Democrat-controlled Congress, for being the best things to happen to the Conservative Movement in my lifetime. You have only served to inspire and motivate me, and millions like me, to raise our voices and pit our American Patriotic spirits against your emotionally-driven America-hating rhetoric, and it has been liberating to say the least.

Ted Cruz, Texas’ former Solicitor General and Tea Party Protester has said, “I believe that Barack Obama’s greatest legacy as president will be that he inspired a new generation of conservatives to rise up and defend our liberty.” Even now, on this Monday morning across America, millions of Conservatives, be they TEA Partiers, Republicans, Third Party advocates or simple common-sense Americans, are speaking truth and writing reason due to Obama’s presidency. We are stoking the fire of this Conservative Firestorm, and are eagerly engaged in tearing apart your progressive agendas. I have the privilege of being counted as one of those people. And I can only thank Barack Obama for this.

A friend of mine named Allison carried a sign to her local TEA Party protest last year that read, “We Deserve What We Tolerate”. I couldn’t agree more. This sign has been nothing less than one of the truths that prompt me to continue to be who and what I am, determined to expose and reveal the Leftist agenda to the American public. The days of tolerance are over. I have heard it said that 67 million people voted for Obama. This means I, and my fellow Conservative fighters, have 67 million people that need to hear what we have to say. It is truly a great time to be a Conservative. Just look at this battlefield.

Mr. Obama and his Congress, (because let’s not beat about the bush here- this is his Congress full of his sycophants), have only alienated the majority of Americans with their foreign and anti-American policies that normal, every day Americans cannot comprehend. America has never needed high-falutin’ elitist dictators who look down their noses at the peasant masses. We are a simple Nation, really. We believe in God, Mom, apple pie, guns, the military, an honest wage for an honest day’s work, accountability, integrity, and we are those who stand when the National Anthem is played. The current “leadership” in our once great Presidential Office and the once gleaming halls of Congress simply do not “get this”. Again, I can only thank them for their ignorance and arrogance.

America is indeed waking-up from a self-induced slumber of complacency, apathy, and timidity. Barack Obama was our alarm clock, and now we are on our feet, wide-eyed, and ready to take our Nation back to the ideals of our Founding Fathers. When the smoke clears, I’m sure MSNBC can hire those who will have been defeated and give them some air time. Lord knows they need the ratings.

So, thank you, sir, for being who and what you are. And thank you, Congress, for treating America like your mindless slaves. We couldn’t do this without you.