Hey, did anyone notice that Sam polled whopping 2% in Georgia according to Strategic Vision? What momentum! Rudy Giuliani only leads the field with 28% followed by John “who am I today” McCain at 21%. Just a thought here, but shouldn’t Brownback do better than “liberal” Rudy in the deep south? It is just an observation. No reason for social conservatives to show their unique brand of “love” to me. And other random thoughts of the day.

Afghanistan is now a mess. Yet another casualty of George W. Bush’s misadventures in Iraq. I am sure that Al Gore will blame it all on global warming.

Why does the ACLU defend the scum from NAMBLA? How can anyone take them seriously?

Who believes that Bill Clinton is secretly trying to help Obama? I don’t either. Clinton wants to be in the White House again like a pig wants to be in slop.

How come Brazil can rely on ethanol and tell the mid-east to screw off? Let’s import their stuff, subsidize the whining farmers in Iowa and figure out a way to tell these bastards in the mid east who are ultimately responsible for the killing of Americans to go to hell!

So Big Pussy couldn’t hang in Dancing with the Stars. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when Cliffy Claven is your fill in. Sorry McCain, I know this is your territory.

It would be nice to hear from Condoleeza Rice again. Maybe it is just me, but she has been awfully quiet lately. Probably doing some of that super secret negotiation stuff.

The “experts” say we are falling behind in education. If this is the case, then why can’t I understand my 1st graders homework instructions? Ok – maybe it is just me.

I am now beginning to worry about the economy. The yield curve has been inverted for far too long. The bond traders know something that we don’t.

Fidel Castro is feeling better. Does anyone remember when the Soviet Premier would catch a “cold”? Expect a state funeral in Cuba very soon.

If we are eating worse than ever, are more stressed than ever before and continually breath in air that is more polluted then why are we living longer?

Is abortion banned in Iran or Israel? Maybe they can agree on something. Probably not.

An Eva Mendez movie has never disappointed me and not only because she looks like this:

Whatever happened to The Tavares?