Greta Perry tries to find positive things she can tell us about Barack Obama’s first year as President of the United States. Its a short list and kind of lame actually. She has to take of her tiara and get real with us in the video that you can watch below. She talks about the upcoming State of the Union address and how Obama relates to The People in his current campaign to be a more popularist president. Oh, and she throws in a little WHODAT! for the New Orleans Saints win tonight. Check out the video below.

‘The Princess of Positive’ is cheering on her New Orleans Saints with a “Whodat?” But, is she cheering on President Obama as much as she is cheering on the Saints? The New Orleans Saints and Barack Obama, can you guess who is the winner and who is the loser?

Can we imagine Obama as a popularist president? The very thought of that is mind-boggling, but apparently he’s on a mission to redefine himself as just that. He has apparently felt the need to do so since the gut-blow the democratic party in general and Obama in particular took due to a sound defeat of ‘their’ candidate in the Massachusetts Senate Race last week.

Unfortunately for him, it just isn’t working that well. Elitist? He can do that without any effort at all. Nerd? Yes, that comes naturally as well. Popularist? Well, that will take some work. He is, after all, trying to relate ‘the people’ and he is anything BUT one of ‘the people’.

His attempts at being ‘one of the guys’ have been both hilarious and pathetic. When he visited a plant in Ohio this past week, to try to relate to the common man, he told his undoubtedly hand-picked crowd that he had seen how hard Americans work at their … ahhh … ummm …. machines … ahhh …. ummm …. producing … ahhh …. ummm … products. When he spoke to Iowa farmers during his 2008 campaign, he sympathized with them by asking, ‘Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?’ Of course, most Americans are thinking, DUDE what’s arugula. At a sporting goods store in Ohio, someone handed him a specially made football helmet as a gift. He looked at it and said, ‘That is a serious looking helmet. I can knock some heads with this’. He then went on to comment that he’d have to drink beer with a straw with the helmet on. He laughed, apparently thinking his joke was funny.

Then there was his assistance to Scott Brown’s big win in the Massachusetts Senate race. The day before the election he made an appearance to boost Martha Coakley’s chances. During his speech he made fun of Scott Brown’s truck. His GM truck. He did it with the air and tone of voice of an Elitist who views such things as common and base. In so doing, he insulted half the male population of the United States, anyone who works for the now government-owned GM and the people of the soon to be ghost-town of Detroit who are suffering under a staggering unemployment rate.

Yes, he seemed to have had some difficulty understanding the world as most of us know it. It is a world outside of the inner-circles of Elitism in America. Most of America is not Berkeley or Harvard. Most of America is the in-between, fly-over country that Obama and his close friends rarely, if ever, actually see. We are the Bible-thumping, gun-toting masses that Obama spoke of with such contempt in his comments to an Elite San Francisco crowd during a fund-raising event during his campaign. I guess the MSM decided that wasn’t so important to report on much either.

In his book, The Audacity of Hope, Obama described himself as a ‘blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.’ That might be one of the truest statements he’s ever made. But can he re-create himself into someone that everyday average Americans can project themselves onto? He’s hit the campaign trail to attempt to do just that, even as he tells us that he’s going to continue to fight to give us the health care reform that we don’t want.

The Obama, Popularist President dog and pony show has just start. We’ll get an idea of how he’s planning to proceed when he gives his State of the Union Address on Wednesday night. Just remember, its all George W. Bush’s fault.

Check out Greta Perry’s Right Pundits video below about the State of the Union, how Obama relates to the people and the New Orleans Saints, Whodat!!

State of the Union: Obama Relates to the People, Whodat (Video)