Obama uses teleprompters during a speech to 6th graders. Seriously. We all know that Obama’s extreme dependence on teleprompters has been the source of many jokes and a great deal of concern for the American people who are on this roller-coaster ride that he’s taking us all on. Still, did he REALLY need two teleprompters to read a five-minute speech to a bunch of 6-graders? Apparently, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. No wonder it costs so much every time he steps out in the public.

As can be seen in the video below and in this and many other photos, the President read his brief few words to about 30 6th grade students at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia. Apparently, this is part of his attempt to be more ‘popularist’ and part of his latest campaign mission to relate to the common people of America. He and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan bored spoke to the students about the President’s multi-billion dollar ‘Race to the Top’ program that is intended to provide incentives for students to succeed in education.

Apparently, he needed his two teleprompters to make his comments to the students.

As with most things, when there is an on-going joke about Obama and his teleprompter, there is more truth than fiction to the joke. Remember when he set up teleprompters at the State Fair in Iowa during the campaign. Embarrassing. Lucky for him, the main stream media neglected to give the down-low on his teleprompter dependence during the election or people might have thought a little differently of him. As it is, few people know unless they pay close attention.

So much for his great oratory skills. He just read really well.

You can watch Obama using teleprompters during a speech to 6th graders in the video below.

Obama Uses Teleprompters During Speech To 6th Graders (Video)