Who is Ellie Light, mysterious letter writing Obama supporter; or political hack on the Administration’s payroll who claims to be just a common everyday citizen sticking up for her President? A person using the name Ellie Light has written a letter to several different media publications using different addresses, but the same name. That may not seem so unusual, what is unusual is that the letter was published in all of the publications. Coincidence?

In each letter, Ellie Light defends Barack Obama’s position on just about everything and also uses the tired old “we inherited this mess” argument. For instance, in her letter to the Philadelphia Daily News, it begins by telling us that if we had expected Afghanistan, unemployment and healthcare to be going just peachy we’d know we were being lied to.

Meaning, that Obama is doing just fine with the mess he was left with. Actually Ellie that’s not what Mr. Obama told us, he said our situation would be better were he elected, not worse.

Ellie Light, the mysterious letter writing Obama supporter went on to say in various other publications, that Obama clearly said that what it took 8 years to break couldn’t be fixed in one year, speaking of the economy. Well Ellie you’re wrong (or should I say Obama’s wrong) about it taking 8 years to break the economy. The economy essentially started it’s downturn in late 2007, well after democrats had taken control of both houses of congress. It’s really simple and narrow minded to blame your predecessor for everything that’s wrong. You could probably count on one hand the times the Bush Administration blamed Clinton for problems he chose to face. I mean seriously, Bush could have used the whole Clinton didn’t take Bin Laden when he had the chance argument, but he didn’t.

The “concerned citizen” named Ellie Light goes on to claim that we the American people were victims of extortion; extortion by banks who threw our economy into freefall. I’ll agree with the extortion part, only I’ll disagree with the guilty party. We are victims of extortion, only the extortion that takes place on a daily basis is by those elected to protect and defend the constitution and conduct the people’s business on our behalf. Nice try Ellie Light.

She closes by bemoaning the fact that Obama is being attacked for promising that our problems would be solved instantly. Actually the majority of attacks aimed at Obama are for the mess he’s making, not the mess he failed to clean up. Ellie Light, mysterious letter writing Obama supporter seems to forget that Bush was attacked for not waving his proverbial magic wand and fixing problems. What’s good for the goose, you know what I mean? I think Ellie Light is Michelle Obama, David Axelrod or maybe even Obama himself. Maybe he penned the letter on his way back from Massachusetts.