Has anyone else noticed that Obama has fallen into the background since Al Gore won the Oscar and became a universal rock star? I know what Obama should do – get high, write a great song and win the Grammy. I’m just kidding. I would never condone winning a Grammy. And other random thoughts of the day.

Why do all the talking heads feel the need to point out how articulate Obama is? Shouldn’t that be a given with our politicans, with the notable exceptions of George W. Bush and Robert Byrd? At least Bryd has an excuse being 118 years old and all.

The only real publicity for Obama was the hit piece by the New York Times on his stock purchases. Gosh, I wonder where that came from? Does anyone think that Hilliary still invests in the commodity markets?

Katie Couric’s senior producer gets canned. I will repeat this once again. Katie will be on the CBS Morning Show by 09.

Chavez is potentially a bigger threat to the United States than Iran. The fear I have is that he will influence his neighbors into adopting similiar policies.

A recent conversation between me and friend:

Me – Do you know what I hate?
Friend – Everything and everyone.
Me – What? Why do you say that?
Friend – You asked.
Me – (after a long hesitation and forgetting what my original point was to be) – How about those Phils?

My wife wants to see Prince when we make our annual pilgrimage to Vegas later this year. He did rock out at the Superbowl but that does not change the fact that Prince is still very strange. I am thinking about entering into negotiations with my wife to see the following group on another night while in Vegas.

Yes that is the Pussycat Dolls. No, I could not name one of their songs. Does anyone think that is even relevant? Who’s with me?

Itune alert – download the video of the assasination of RFK as told by NBC News in 1968. They don’t make them like Chet Huntley and David Brinkley anymore. It takes on a different perspective when told from the point of view as it happened.

I saw Arlen Specter at the airport a few weeks ago. He looks much older in person.

During my travels over the summer, I had the displeasure of being in several markets where they carry, or used to carry Air America. Al Franken was simply awful on the radio. He saved his best 7 minutes every three months for Letterman. His show was a total snorefest. Having 7 minutes of funny material just does not translate into 3 hours a day. At least Rush and Bill Maher are entertaining even if they are both wrong most of the time.

Whatever happened to Bailey Quarters from WKRP in Cincinnati?