Somebody please tell me what the duct tape is for. I’m all for duct taping Meghan McCain’s mouth shut, but really what does it have to do with gay marriage? Cindy McCain’s gay marriage support comes as a bit of a shock, not like drop over dead shocking, but shocking nonetheless. And there are people out there who truly wonder why John McCain lost the Presidential election?

Cindy McCain and Meghan (God love her) are posing for “NOH8”, a group opposing Proposition 8 in California. Cindy McCain’s gay marriage support comes in this fashion, she is posing with silver duct tape across her mouth with the logo NOH8 written on her cheek. Meghan McCain has duct tape over her mouth, NOH8 written on her face and she’s holding an elephant. Yeah Meghan, we get it. You’re a maverick.

The Senator’s office released a statement saying that he believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman. Makes you wonder what exactly is going on at the McCain household doesn’t it?

During the campaign of 2008, Cindy McCain played the doting wife and Meghan played the respectful and obedient daughter. The entire McCain family played conservatives. After Senator McCain was shellacked in the election, daughter Meghan went on the war path, criticizing Sarah Palin and you know the rest of the story. Meghan McCain became an instant media sensation simply based on her critiques of Governor Palin. She now writes for the Daily Beast and shows her cleavage on Twitter. Hey Meghan, here’s a little secret, they’re [liberal media] just using you to trash Palin, and that includes Tina Brown at the Daily Beast.

Well back to the topic at hand; you can take from this what you will, but Cindy McCain’s gay marriage support in such a public and provocative way just confirms to me and should to many critics of the conservative movement that conservatism is what will win elections. Conservatism would have won in 2008; these photo shoots are just more proof it was radical liberal vs. liberal light. The radical won. People want real conservatism, not the watered down version. In Senator McCain’s defense, his wife and daughter may have just completely wandered of the reservation on this one.