Not because of the meat issue. Hey, I love a 24 oz porterhouse, especially from Sullivans. Gore should do it to lost weight. The guy is a fat load. And other random thoughts of the day.

Let me get this straight. If it is warm out, that is due to global warming. If it is cold, that is also due to global warming. At what temperature, either farenheit or celcius, does it have to be so that we do not blame global warming? I am just curious.

One more day closer to the inevitable Rudy versus Hilliary clash of the titans.

Bush states that we are making progress in Iraq. This is a broken record alert, broken record alert. 13 more soldiers perished in the last 2 days. How many more do we need until it is too much? Why can’t we provide better protection against IED’s? I know we have not lost as many lives as we did in other wars. Is that really an apt comparison? Are we fighting for a democratic Iraq or just stuck playing referee between tribal factions that have hated one another for centuries?

Boy, that “troop surge” is working wonders. I know Brian Williams reported some positive news 2 days ago on this. Tell that to the 13 young (presumably) men who are no longer with us. Better yet, go tell their families how wonderful things are going in Iraq. Boy, this post will make everyone happy.

American Idol is on tonight. Someone wake me up when it is over. This is the worse year yet by far. At least the hot chick from Jersey is good to look at.

Message to Ed Rendell (if you are not a PA resident, skip this), there is snow on the ground. Do not watch college basketball. Make certain that hundreds of your citizens are not stuck on an interstate for 20 hours. I’m just saying.

Everyone loves 24. I only watched the first year but I think it was the best year since she (see below) was on the show.

I expected Nancy Pelosi to be a little bit more of an agitator. She seems to have gone underground. Come to think of it, that was similiar to Denny Hastert until the sex scandals broke. Again, in the last 50 years, Newt was the only one to hold that position with any vision.

US Airways is having trouble again with their reservations system. I guess this means that I will get another ha ha isn’t that funny email from their CEO, Doug Parker. Yea, Doug and ha ha wasn’t your DUI arrest funny by golly. Ok, now that I have written myself into a corner here, a lessor blogger would simply end the sentence, start a new paragraph, and begin blogging on a totally unrelated topic. I am no ordinary blogger.

Do you like Unicorns? My daughter loves them.

Whatever happened to Leif Garrett’s little sister who played Dodie on My Three Sons?