Congratulation to Scott Brown and to all our Right Pundits commenters who participated in a historic day on this website which remarkably saw a long-shot candidate become Senator-elect Scott Brown in the bat of an eye. Winners of the Massachusetts election prediction contest are below along with anecdotal evidence of high GOP morale.

Senator Scott Brown

240,000 visitors came to our live blog thread which makes the Scott Brown election night even busier for us than the frenzied Florida primary in 2008 which effectively decided the nomination between John McCain and Mitt Romney. I’m informed that the live participation window included 20,000 readers participating with our moderators. 6,000 readers watched the Right Pundits YouTube video on the election. Incidentally, the lovely Scott Brown daughters produced another 40,000 visitors to our sports blog. Conservatives just cannot get enough of Scott Brown, while Democrats haven’t quite figured out what is hitting them yet.

Many thanks to Ryan, Jo, Beth, and Greta for helping moderate a very chaotic live blogging scene which turned into a Scott Brown victory party but left our moderators whipped. Clearly buzz is in the air as Republicans gain steam for the midterm election in November 2010.

Right Pundits will be live blogging Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech tentatively scheduled for January 27th. Join us then for conservative reflection on the president’s chaotic first year.

As for the Brown Coakley predictions contest, we had 228 entries by the deadline of 8pm January 19th when the polls closed in Massachusetts. Four people guessed the vote percentage correctly, including myself (happy dance!). The tiebreaker was the time that Right Pundits would declare a winner in Massachusetts. Right Pundits declared Scott Brown the winner at 8:14pm shortly after the polls closed, beating all the media outlets as usual. Frank guessed 7:46pm which makes his guess the winning entry.

Winners of Massachusetts Senate election predictions contest on Right Pundits:

Correct answer is Scott Brown beats Martha Coakley 52-47. We called the victory for Brown at 8:14pm.

#1 Frank Brown 52-47 Winner would be called at 7:46pm.

#2 Jose Brown 52-47 Winner would be called at 7:45pm.

#3 Alex B Brown 52-47 Winner would be called at 7:27pm.

#4 McCain Brown 52-47 Winner would be called at 7:15pm.

These guessers came very very close:

Anthony Rizzuto Brown 51-47

kok Tam Brown 51-47

Sandra Brown 51-47

Bill DiBongrazio Brown 52-46

Rick Wixson Brown 52-46

Charles Brown 52-46

Wayne Padgett Brown 52-46

Glenn Brown 52-48

Theodore Brown 52-48

Congratulations to Frank for winning the Right Punditeer Award, duly conveyed herewith. And congratulations to the newest member of the United States Senate, Senator Scott Brown!

For newcomers, note that Right Pundits rewards frequent commenters on our site, and we send two-cents-per comment to charity. Reader prizes range from $100 to $300 monthly. Bookmark the homepage and return often!

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