Well, the results of the Massachusetts special election, and the vaunted 60 Democratic members are history, probably forever. So, they’re not gonna be able to muscle through any more nonsense for the rest of Obama’s presidency. Now that he is unlikely to have a ‘filibuster-proof’ Senate for the next 3 or 7 years, what should he do? Here are my suggestions:

Health Care – First, meet sotto voce with the 15 or 20 moderate Republicans individually, and ask them what type of health care reform they could support. Then, put together a package that includes measures that are accessible to members of both parties, like catastrophic care, eliminating pre-existing conditions exclusions, etc. Then, go to the Democrats in the Senate, and tell them to tie these things together. Then, once this has passed the Senate, and only then, bring it to the House.

Pork – Meet with the Democratic members of the Senate, explain to them that one of the things that has driven public opinion against their party is that they are completely driven by pork and special interests to the detriment of the rest of us. That will now come to an end. Any Senate bill that has excessive pork in it, the President will threaten to veto until it is removed. If that doesn’t remove the pork, I would leak the names of the offending senators to the media, and let them deal with their constituents.

Finance – Okay, Obama tried to play along with the Wall Street interests thinking they actually gave a darn about our country. How sweet. Now we know that the rest of us can go to heck as long as they stay wealthy. So, instead of giving pretty speeches blaming them, while giving them everything they want, I’d start anti-trust actions against each of the four remaining investment banks. I’d push this until they either broke into units that were not ‘too big to fail.’ Then, when their greed came back to haunt them again, I’d let them fail. Oh, and every single cent that they’ve ‘repaid’, I’d give to community banks that are willing to loan to business to get the economy to grow. Oh, and I’d let Geithner retire. He’s bought and paid for. He can go back to Wall Street. I’m sure they’ll hail him as a conquering hero.

Economy – I’d change the misbegotten stimulus package from giving money to hack governors to cutting taxes for individuals. A point of balanced budget amendments for states is that when times are tough, they’re supposed to tighten their belts. Well, times are tough. If the tax cuts increase consumption, then the state spending will increase.

Cap and Trade – I’d let it die the ignominious death that it deserves. When the economy is recovered, then we can talk about nonsense like this. I’d then apologize to the House Democrats who were forced to vote for this idiocy. This may have been the second stupidest vote Democrats ever made, next to NAFTA, which was directly responsible for the loss of many Democratic seats in 1994, wherever manufacturing jobs were located.

Do I think Obama and the Dem leadership will do any of these things? Heck no. Obama is unwilling or unable to lead. The party leadership has shown themselves completely wedded to corruption and the ignorance of acting in the best interests of normal people. But, we’re too stupid to notice.