America has spoken! Today was a great step forward for Americans everywhere. It is proof that the Conservative movement is gaining momentum in even the most liberal of places! Scott Brown has won the Senate seat in Massachusetts beating out his opponent, Martha Coakley, by a 7% lead.

This election shook up America even before the voting began. For the Democrat’s, this was a seat that belonged to “Ted Kennedy.” This was a seat that has been inhabited by Democrat’s since 1972! The Democrat’s felt as though they were ENTITLED to this seat…well they were wrong!

Is there a lesson to be learned? Well, the election turned very ugly when Martha Coakley called in some help with the campaign from President Obama. They accused and berated Scott Brown of several different things including poking fun at the kind of car Brown drives, a GM truck with over 200,000 miles on it.

Let this be a lesson to the Democrat’s, the American people are tired of lies and broken promises. Real change is beginning to arrive. If we can achieve victory in Massachusetts than by golly we can do it anywhere!