UPDATE: 1/22/2010
Here’s a story sure to spark a debate here at Right Pundits. Secret ‘Jesus’ codes are being inscribed on Military weaponry, high powered rifle sights to be exact. And of course the anti-Christian groups are up in arms over the so called “Jesus rifles.” I swear I love the term “Jesus rifles,” if it wasn’t bad enough for some radical Muslim extremist to meet Allah at the hand of one of our Military’s finest, think about their panties being in a wad over “Jesus rifles” doing the deed.

The company making the scopes, Trijicon, says that yes indeed they are putting secret Jesus codes on the scopes at the end of the serial numbers. In actuality the codes aren’t secret; they’re there for everyone to see as well as not being denied by the maker of the scopes. They say it was a tradition started by the company’s founder who passed away in 2003. He [Glyn Bindon] was a devout Christian.

A couple of the secret Jesus codes being inscribed on the rifle sights are John 8:12 and 2 Corinthians 4:6. Both scriptures give reference to Jesus Christ being the “Light of the World, and Light that shines in our hearts to reveal Himself through Jesus Christ.

Military rules say that there is to be no proselytizing in Afghanistan or Iraq; you know it would be too politically incorrect to allow young men who might not live to see 25 the opportunity to express their faith in Christ like the enemy is able to freely express theirs. But I just don’t see the “Jesus rifles” as proselytizing. It’s not like they’re giving the rifle scopes out to people outside of the Military hoping to convert people to Christianity.

Simply put, the company which makes the scope has a deep seeded faith and wish to display that faith on their product. It just happens that the product has been contracted to our Military who are using that product on the field of battle against an enemy who despises all faiths except for their own.

One Air Force official who is a spokesman for Central Command says that the secret Jesus code scopes or “Jesus rifles” are not unlike our money. He said we’re not going to stop using our money simply because it has “In God We Trust” on it. Wow, a little common sense form Central Command. As long as the rifle scopes are meeting the needs of the Military, they’ll continue to be used whether anti-Christian groups or politically correct politicians like it or not. Listen to Maddow wax ridiculously about how Trijicon is spawning anti-American propaganda and spurring Al Qaeda recruiting with the “Jesus rifles.” Absolutely priceless.

UPDATE 1/22/2010: Score one for political correctness. The manufacturer of the scopes, Trijicon, has decided to stop stamping the bible verses on the scopes.

They are also going to supply modification kits to remove bible verses from scopes already in use by the military.