Lady Libertas would first like to say how very tickled I am to be contributing as a blogger here on Right Pundits! I am honored to be among such great minds and what an auspicious day for an inaugural post!

Today is THE day. Appropos to say, the First Day of the Rest of the Year, leading up to November 2010.

Lady Libertas has a long wish list for this year and the first item on that wish list is that Scott Brown is victorious today in the Massachusetts Senate Race. I watched the video this morning of Scott placing his vote and the energy in Massachusetts is certainly palpable. I wish I was there and not just for the lobster rolls!


The Libs are already beginning to make excuses about why Martha Coakley will lose – everything from her crummy personality to an ineffective campaign. The one thing that all the Dems are quick to proclaim is that if Martha Coakley does lose, they do not want it counted as a referendum on healthcare. Lady Libertas agrees.

When Martha Coakley loses today to Scott Brown, it will not be a referendum on healthcare. It will be a referendum on the entire Obama Socialist agenda. It will be a referendum on the epic fail of Barack Obama as he slides from “the Messiah” to “Worse than Jimmy Carter”.


Lady Libertas also had a bit of a snicker at the enormous amount of whining coming from Senator “Swift Boat” Kerry about the horrifying campaign practices of Scott Brown and the Radical Right “Teabaggers” that are supporting him. Something to the effect that Tea Party People were making bonfires from Coakley signs and dancing wildly around them. While that sounds like a complete blast and I probably would have jumped on a plane to dance wildly around that bonfire, Lady Libertas would like to reassure Senator Kerry that when Scott Brown wins, it is because:

* Scott Brown ran a better campaign than Martha Coakley
* Scott Brown is a better candidate and will be a better Senator for Massachusetts than Martha Coakley
* Scott Brown cares about his constituency and has had no problem getting out and shaking hands and talking to the people of Massachusetts at every opportunity
* Scott Brown represents the values of the people of Massachusetts no matter what party they happen to be registered with and will represent them effectively in Washington DC
* The only bullying and threats that have occurred have come from the Coakley campaign and the ranks of Union Thugs that bought her off support her

Today, we pray and watch on tenterhooks the returns from Massachusetts, but let us not forget tomorrow. Because tomorrow a new battle begins when Scott Brown wins.

Dems will fight tooth and nail to ensure that he is not seated before they force another vote in Congress. From the certification of the election results in Massachusetts to the halls of Congress in DC, Dems will mobilize to keep that 41st Vote OUT of DC until their nefarious healthcare plan can come to fruition. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are like Boris and Natasha – they want to win at any cost to the American People…


We cannot allow Scott Brown to be delayed in being seated in Congress if he achieves victory! Scratch IF – When he achieves victory!

Stay vigilant, Patriots!

Lady Libertas will be watching and cheering right along with all of you: