OK, now that I have upset the far right, let me now upset the left. The Libby trial was a complete fiasco. He will be sent to prison for essentially having a poor memory. The charges against him have nothing to do with the initial investigation, which was the outing of that wonderful human being, Valerie Plame. Just for the record, Richard Armitridge has already claimed responsibility for that. There were numerous other issues surrounding this trial but they have been amply covered by other bloggers and

I won’t rehash all the sorted details concerning the trustworthiness of Joseph Wilson and his esteemed wife. However, I am curious as to why Sandy Berger is a free man. The man not only stole classified documents from a secure location (by placing them in his socks and underware, yuch) but hid them underneath a trailer. Where was the outrage from CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the hypocritical main stream press outlets? Why not bring back Berger and try him for treason against the United States of America? How do we know that he did not provide copies to our enemies. I have no evidence that he did, but how can we be sure?

There will be, no doubt, the typical gleeful reaction from the usual suspects. I would caution them to temper their enthusiasm lest they be crest fallen when the eventual return of the perverbial favor occurs. The questions concerning the land deals in Arkansas and Hilliary’s law firm still have never been completely answered.

For those of you that want to use the inaccurate metaphor of the investigation of President Clinton ending on a lie concerning sex when it started with a shady land deal, let me point out that Libby never stared into the face of camera wagging his finger while flat out lying to all Americans. This lie was told to both Republicans and Democrats. I don’t think Clinton “forgot” the details of his tryst with Lewinsky the way Scooter forgot when he had some conversations.

Everytime I feel that my policy differences with the GOP will cause me to consider a switch, something happens that reminds me that the Democratic is totally devoid of any integrity or intellectual honesty.