Here is your live viewing thread for the Scott Brown, Martha Coakley Massachusetts Senate election vote count. Exit polls (whatever and whenever available) and winner declared here on election day, Tuesday January 19th, 2010, as the candidates stump furiously on the final day of a short campaign. Watch the returns with us on our participatory live blog session.

massachusetts senate election exit polls

So much of this special election race has been written here and elsewhere. Scan our homepage for the bones of such punditry, from Brown’s sexy magazine centerfold to Coakley mistaking Curt Shilling for a Yankee fan. Now let’s get it on. We will learn today who won and what it mean for other races.

Quick Tuesday afternoon update: Brown headquarters reports the campaign is “cautiously optimistic” based on what they are seeing today. “High energy”. Still working phones. All other discussions and updates are in the live blog window below.

Winner: Right Pundits calls Scott Brown the winner. Time of call is 5:14pm PT / 8:14pm ET.

The MA election result will be talked up as a bellwether event in the history of the 2010 midterm election. Like a canary in a coal mine, we will know a lot about where the two parties stand after the MA winner is declared by our elections desk. Is this the end of Obama’s agenda in Washington? Was socialism too much for the American people to swallow or will he press on like an ideological warrior? What if Çoakley wins?

Voting booths in Massachusetts open at 7am eastern time and close at 8pm local time, barring the usual shenanigans by partisan judges to keep certain friendly polling locations open later. We will follow all the days’ news live so join us today, January 19th for the final resolution of an interesting senate race between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown.

See the recent polls showing late deciders apparently breaking for Scott Brown.
You may predict the winner all the way up until polls close at 8pm Tuesday.

We will be bringing you tidbits of the MA exit polls data in this thread as they are released. However, the National Election Pool is NOT conducing exit polling today in Massachusetts. Other outlets are doing them independently so we’ll bring you that data when available. [As a final update to this article, Rasmussen exit poll data, conducted by telephone interviews, was shared in our live-blog window. You can read more here.]

Eventually a winner in the Massachusetts senate election will be declared and you can expect Right Pundits to declare that winner first before all of the mainstream media outlets make a fuss. They will keep you hanging for commercial break after commercial break until their advertising expectations are met. Only after their corporate requirements are discharged will they tell you who won. We, on the other hand, will cut out all the B.S. with a purified heart.

Recent polls show Scott Brown ahead of Coakley. There is no other way to spin it despite the liberal Daily Kos poll showing the race as a tossup. All the excitement is in the Brown camp. All the grass roots hooplah is there. All the press buzz. Barack Obama’s odd speech making fun of American-made pickup trucks will apparently not stem a populist uprising in the original tea party state. You can find a link to the MA polls in our upper left sidebar.

MA has always been a patriotic state which champions itself looking out for the little guy. This election cycle the Democrat party has confused such populism with support for a distasteful agenda in Washington, forgetting that Massachusetts once voted for Ronald Reagan in a similar bout of patriotism. Mainstream Democrats may not yet understand that under Obama’s agenda, the public believes that little guy interests are perhaps not served by an extreme liberal agenda.

For whatever reasons Scott Brown is now leading Martha Coakley. The upset of the century may be in the making which is why we will turn with great interest to Massachusetts exit polls as they are revealed. We should know the winner early based on trends in that exit poll data.

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Here is Right Pundits own vlogger, Greta Perry, on the election. You can follow her each week on our YouTube channel. Why she is sporting winter grays in front of a swimming pool is food for thought in the blogosphere.

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