I’ve been reading a lot on liberal political sites in the last few days, since the prospect of Coakley’s loss has become more tangible, that a problem Democrats face is that voters who are blaming them for not getting things done effectively somehow are under the illusion that they have had 60 votes since January. Instead, they contend, the party has only held 60 seats since late summer, when Coleman conceded to Franken in Minnesota.

The problem with the argument is this: everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike knew that Coleman was fighting a lost cause. He was merely trying to drag it out to appease interest groups. So, the Democrats in the Senate who have shown themselves to be nothing more than latter-day ward heelers, trying to get every little bit of pork or special interest money out of our pocketbooks to deliver to their friends knew that they had 60 seats. They’ve been plying their horse-trading to the detriment of the voters for a year now.

If Brown wins tomorrow, the primary benefit is that this internecine graft parade will come to an end. Senators like Landrieu can’t demand $500 million, Nelson can’t demand special exemptions for Nebraska, Joey Lieberman can’t demand whatever his latest demand is. No, now bills can try to secure the support out of a clump of 75 senators, both Democrats and Republicans.