So who won the Massachusetts Senate race? Could it be that Scott Brown wins a historic victory for the GOP? Or will we be saying on Tuesday that Martha Coakley pulls a rabbit out of her hat like David Copperfield? This is your chance to make predictions like the experts and tell us the winner of the MA senate election vote on January 19th. Hint: the latest MA polls suggest that Scott Brown is going to steal the deeply indented Ted Kennedy Seat.

MA Senate winner

The winner of our prediction contest will win a long coveted and infrequently awarded Right Punditeer award for political prognostications. This virtual trophy is legend in political circles for it has been scarcely seen in the three years of it’s existence. Once designed by the mysterious Joe Citizen, our historian says that it has only been awarded three times before. This, my friends, is your chance to own the most highly sought after prize inside the beltway bar none.

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Predict the winner of Brown – Coakley in the comments below. We will know who wins Massachusetts on Tuesday evening assuming that there are not any hanging chads or annoying military ballots which the politicians insist on counting. The hard part comes now. You have to predict who won MA before the votes are even cast.

Is it Scott Brown? Recent polls show that he is leading outside the margin of error. A win by a Republican would be a historic victory that would put the Obama health care bill boondoggle in jeopardy. After such an event only a masochistic senator would vote for political suicide given the enormous unpopularity of the health care legislation.

Will Martha Coakley win? Clearly she has history on her side since a Democrat has held this seat since the Kennedy’s began drinking. But desperation is here as she is trailing in the last four polls in Massachusetts, which is a little hint for your prediction of the vote winner.

a) predict the winner, Brown or Coakley.
b) tell us the exact percentage of the vote between Coakley and Brown. There is an independent running but ignore him please. Nobody cares.
c) tell us the time that Right Pundits will call the official winner based on exit polls and early returns. Note that we reliably do that before any of the mainstream media TV channels which like to keep you hanging for paid commercial breaks.

Example: my prediction for the MA winner is as follows:

a) Brown wins.
b) Brown 52%, Coakley 47%
c) Winner predicted by Right Pundits critically acclaimed elections desk at 7:15pm ET.

Now your turn. Make your predication for who won in Massachusetts. Does Brown or Coakley win the most votes? You can enter all the way up until the polls close, 8pm ET on Tuesday January 19th.