Here is some more schadenfreude goodness for everyone; apparently the White House is not predicting that they expect Croakley (get it) to lose on Tuesday. CNN reports (see the video below) that White House advisers are trying to blunt the blow of a Coakley loss despite the fact that Obama turned up in Mass today to rally support for the Democrat candidate.

Which brings up an interesting question, why did Obama show up today if the White House really believes that Coakley is going to lose? Possibly they think that it might do some good or possibly they want to at least show their support of fellow Democrats and avoid the thought that Obama will bail on other candidates down the line.

However, this move may also signal that Obama doesn’t have quite the popular appeal that folks thinks he has. If he shows up campaigning in freaking Massachusetts for a Democrat and he still can’t get her over the hill, what good is he?

Oh, I suppose we should also compare the two rallies today, the Brown rally which drew about 3,000 people and the Coakley rally with President Obama which drew about 1500 people, in freaking Massachusetts. Dogs and cats living together man, that’s all this is, end of the world.