There are a number of reasons why Scott Brown has taken the lead in the Massachusetts special election for the Senate. These include the apathy of the Democratic rank and file voters, the anger of Republicans and Independents, the ineptitude of his opponent, and the economic turmoil affecting the electorate.

I’d like to discuss the health care issue, Brown’s take on it, and why it should be embraced by Republicans virtually anywhere that they will be contesting Democrats. Brown’s basic stance is that Massachusetts voters are highly taxed, that they already have a health care structure in place that takes care of virtually anyone, that the states which don’t believe in providing health care to citizens (namely those in the Deep South) will be the only ones that benefit, and, therefore, this amounts to yet another transfer of funds from the rest of the nation to the South.

We have seen this same situation in other policy arenas. Look at education, for example. High school dropout rates are highest in the Deep South. The feds pass no child left behind. Well, where are dropout rates high? Generally, in this region. So, the rest of the country paid for us to keep kids in school. Well, here in Louisiana, what did we do? We passed a state law that virtually eliminates any math or reading requirements in order to graduate. So, we get the money, kids still can’t read or add, but our state budget gets more money, and my taxes stay low. The same is true for crime, for health care, for infrastructure and for virtually any other policy area.

Today, Louisiana announced that it still hasn’t spent $3.5 billion in federal funds that was given after Hurricane Katrina. But the problem, in theory, is that these funds can’t be put into the state operating budget. So what will we do? The state will put all of the health care and education expenses for New Orleans and the other areas affected by Katrina aside, use the federal moneys for those areas, then spend their normal operational budget for the rest of us. We win, you lose.

Here’s an idea. Why not get the federal government out of these areas? If you want health care, move to a state that cares about it. If you want good schools, move to a state that cares about it. If you want low taxes, move to a state that cares about it.