I should feel honored and I do. Here is a response (through a trackback) to my sincere belief that Brownback has no shot at the nomination. Please bear in mind that I made no comment on any policy issue in regards to Brownback and was really only stating what I thought his chances were in the field of GOP candidates.

“Anyone who would even consider supporting Rudy McRomney supports killing womb babies and gun grabbing. Rudy is a crossdressing fornicator, which plays well in NYC; Romney is a flip flopping non-Christian; McCain is, well, an unhinged liberal.

Attacking the best candidate in the running demonstrates support for the worst. The liberals march in lock step. Meanwhile the good side has to put up with media supported liberals in GOP clothing. It makes me sick”.

Gee, what a swell, pious person we have there. If the Republican party puts this type of person front and center, then we can all look forward to the disaster of Hilliary Clinton with a 50 seat margin in the House and a veto-proof Senate. In my experience, this is the typical social conservative who engages in nothing more than name calling, and is utterly intolerant of any viewpoint which is not in lock step with their views. You guys would have done very well in Europe circa the 1930’s. Think northern Europe and maybe then you will catch my drift.

Oh and for the record. Brownback HAS flip flopped on his position vis a vis abortion.

Feel free to spew your vicious hatred and venom upon me. I can take it. Did you like the picture of Nimrata. Ain’t she hot?