Master Magician David Blaine’s Haiti relief may be unconventional, but just about everything he does is unconventional. Blaine started a 72 hour magic marathon in Times Square Friday morning to raise money in conjunction with the American Red Cross for Haiti earthquake victims.

Blaine says that he’s not going to sleep or eat a thing for the duration of the 3 day magic marathon for Haiti; he just hopes people will keep him awake. David Blaine often talks about his 1999 trip to the Island where he spent 10 days among the most impoverished people in the world showing them his type of magic. His trip to Haiti can be seen in the documentaryFearless.”

Blaine is famous for his “street magic” which includes card tricks, mind reading and even levitation. He also garners much attention for some of his endurance feats; one for instance took place in Times Square where he was trapped in a block of ice for over 60 hours. He’s Criss Angel without all the flash. Actually he was Criss Angel before Criss Angel.

David Blaine’s Haiti relief effort is entertaining to say the least; but Blaine has a personal connection to Haiti based on his trip there over 10 years ago. Blaine says that he originally went to Haiti because “it’s a culture deeply rooted in magic”, he wanted to see how the people of Haiti reacted to his brand of magic. Most Haitians would have been exposed to some form of Voo-Doo or other black magic. Blaine brought a little bit of light into that darkness.

Whatever you think of Blaine or his magic, you have to admit it’s a wonderful thing that he once did for Haiti and it’s a wonderful thing he’s doing now. David Blaine’s Haiti relief isn’t just confined to Times Square; you can also go to Blaine’s website where you can donate to the American Red Cross. I’ll be curious to see just how much Blaine alone raises for earthquake relief. His story is just another among the many thousands of those reaching out to help.