The Wall Street Journal today reported that the Army is considering using Gitmo as temporary housing assistance for Haitians who have lost their homes because of the earthquake this week. I think that this is both a generous act, and an incredibly smart strategic play. We’ve heard for years that Guantanamo is regarded as an evil place by much of the rest of the world because it is where we held foreign combatants. But this would change a lot of that attitude, if we show that it was now also a place where America could provide solace for those most in need, while their nation is being rebuilt. There are very few prisoners remaining there, so apparently space is available. I’m not implying that this is a cynical ploy; I assume the military is trying to do the right thing for the destitute homeless. Sometimes, the right thing is also the best strategic maneuver, witness the Marshall Plan.

On my wish list would also be that we worked with Cuba in this endeavor, so that we could show that two nations that have regarded each other as enemies for four decades, could work together to help our mutual neighbor. Well, a guy can dream, right?